I am a sci-fi fan, but don’t be fooled by the name.  I’m a lifestyle blogger, expressing my views on the things that interest me.  Occasionally I will share information with you that I have received from third parties that I think you will want to hear about.

PRs: I love hearing my news straight from the horse’s mouth, so if you have something you want to share, then send me the details. Please note as much as I’d like to write about everything I receive, if it doesn’t fit with my blog then I’m afraid it might not make the cut, but if you never ask you never get. I try my best to respond to every email I get, but if I don’t reply, it’s because I don’t think it’s relevant for me.

Disclosure: I am not paid for my opinions. However, I do occasionally receive products to review and attend events that I don’t pay for. If and when this happens, it will always be disclosed and my reviews will always be honest.

Do contribute to the conversation by using the comment boxes! But, please note that comments are not necessarily representative of me Sci-Fi Drama Queen or any of the companies I work with.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please get in touch – scifidramaqueen@gmail.com / www.twitter.com/ScifiDQ 

Sci-Fi Drama Queen x


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