Game of Thrones: House Masks

Game of Thrones: House Targaryen. Credit:

Have you always wanted to represent your GoT “team” a bit more visually? Whether it is the proud Direwolf or fierce Dragon that you would display, or perhaps even the Lion or the White Walker if you find the “dark side” more appealing, these Game of Thrones Mask and Wall Mount books are just perfect for you.

House Stark Mask. Credit:

Carlton Books were kind enough to send us one of the books and being Stark fans through and through, it was the Direwolf mask that we looked at. The book is lovely, and presented very nicely, and though surely not the main reason you would purchase it (as the mask is undeniably the focus) the first pages are full of interesting information about House Stark which is an extremely nice touch. It features lots of extra details about the Stark’s, their history and even a very useful family tree for the House, and of course it has to mention Winterfell and going into detail about the home of our favourite family.

To be expected, to a degree, the project is extremely crafty and fiddly. It is definitely something that you need to be prepared to spend a fair few hours on – especially if you want it to actually look good and presentable. There are many, many tabs, many many numbers and many, many letters to match them all up and it does get fiddly at times. If you’re not one for patience and a gentle touch you might find the project difficult, however the quality of the mask and details on the cut out pieces are fantastic. As well as being a awesome looking 3D mask, the book also comes with a method to “mount” your mask, providing a backing piece with more decoration and is honestly the way we intend to get use out of it. Once fully completed it would really look awesome on display and a fantastic way to represent “your” House!

The Stark mask in progress of being made

The masks are available at all leading book retailers and Carlton Books (, the Stark Direwolf and Lannister Lion books can be purchased from the 10th of August, and the Targaryen Dragon and White Walker books can be purchased from 7th September, each at the price of £14.99. Make sure you pick one up in time for the season finale so you can support your team with pride!

The completed Stark Mask and book. Credit:

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