Shirley MacLaine shines in The Last Word

If you loved Amanda Seyfried’s road trip friendliness in Letters to Juliet, Shirley MacLaine’s sassiness in Steel Magnolias and the awesome soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy, then you are really going to like The Last Word.

This film will make you laugh out loud and cry all at the same time. It is a beautiful story of a slow-burning friendship between a retired ad exec and an obituary writer, who’s paths cross and they change each other’s lives.

It’s a plot that we’ve seen before, but MacLaine and Seyfried have incredible chemistry together. And the soundtrack is something that will truly give Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1 & 2 soundtracks a run for their money.

In The Last Word, Shirley MacLaine is Harriet Lauler, a once successful businesswoman in tight control of every aspect of her life. As she reflects upon her accomplishments, she’s suddenly inspired to engage a young local writer, Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried), to pen her life’s story. When the initial result doesn’t meet Harriet’s high expectations, she sets out to reshape the way she is remembered, with Anne dragged along as an unwilling accomplice. As the journey unfolds, the two women develop a unique bond which alters not only Harriet’s legacy, but also Anne’s future.

MacLaine plays a brilliantly funny central character, who doesn’t have time for other people, thinks she is always right…and usually is. But she plays the other, more emotional side of this character perfectly, blending the hard shell, yet letting us see glimpses of a women who doesn’t want to die with an obituary in her local paper with nothing nice said about her from the people in her life.

The Last Word is produced by Kirk D’Amico (Margin Call, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby), Anne- Marie Mackay (Always Outnumbered, The Junky’s Christmas) and Mark Pellington.

The music supervisor is Liza Richardson (Why Him?, A Dog’s Purpose), who, in my opinion, has very good taste in music.

The Last Word is in cinemas across the UK today.

Soundtrack available from Lakeshore Records, available on iTunes and Amazon Music Unlimited. Get that on order now, I already have!


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