The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere – the most shocking episode yet?

Note: Contains spoilers

The Walking Dead season 7 kicked off with a bang. We all knew it was going to happen. We knew there was going to be a death. Fans of the comic book series knew it was likely to be Glenn, unless the series strayed from the comics. But did we expect two. Did we expect to see Rick break in the way that he did? Did we expect to feel sick throughout the episode and not just from the loss of our beloved characters? I certainly knew I was going to be shocked, scared and sad. But I did not expect to feel physically ill from what I saw. The last time a TV show made me feel like this was the rogue gunman in Grey’s Anatomy. It wasn’t the gore that made me feel queasy, it was the watching it through Rick’s eyes.  It makes you feel like you are there with them in the line up. It makes you feel more like you are about to loose one of your family members, not just someone on the TV.

Look at that handsome face

But what got me most of all, was Jeffery Dean Morgan. He will always be John Winchester in Supernatural, or Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy (a death I still haven’t recovered from). He is my TV hearthrob, up there with McDreamy. But man does he play a good bad guy. And i mean BAD. Pure evil. A psychopath. As Negan, he makes it look too easy, like he is having the time of his life.

After all that Rick  has been through. After all that he has lost. Who would have thought that he could break down so easily. In a matter of hours by Negan.

This episode was gripping from the get go. They kept us hanging to find out who Negan killed. They threw us with Abe’s death, thinking, just for a few minutes, that Glenn might have survived. Only to them leave us on the edge of out seats with the feeling that he Negan was about to strike again, and he went at Glenn in the worst way possible.

But, this was more than just about the deaths. This was an important episode for the show, for the remaining characters. This is essentially a restart. Season 1-6 will forever be BN (Before Negan). They were about the zombie apocalypse. How people survive, how people change and develop to live in this world. How we discover that the people they encounter are fare worse than the walkers. But then Negan, takes this to the next level. He has broken every single person. He has essentially made them so powerless and scared for their lives (and let’s face it, up until this point they have all been fighting for survival), we don’t know if they have any fight left in them. Will they run? Will they stay and be Negan’s slaves? Will they fight back? Will Rick actually kill Negan. Will they even get over their loss? Will they stick together or will they divide?

There is so much new territory for the show to explore. Not just through season seven. But the impact of Negan’s kills is going to effect the team for seasons to come.


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