Captain America Civil War: Review

Captain America, Hawkeye, Antman and Scarlet Witch. Credit: Screen Crush
Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Bucky Barnes. Credit: Screen Crush

The latest Marvel film is now finally out on Blu-Ray and DVD (released on 5th September 2016), so if you haven’t seen it yet… You really have no excuse. Civil War is definitely my favourite Captain America film to date, and dare I say, my favourite Marvel Studio films yet.

The film starts with it’s usual bite of action: the Captain and Black Widow leading a new team of Avengers (Scarlet Witch, Vision, War Machine and Falcon) and trying to prevent, and later chase down, a Hydra agent who steals a vial containing a deadly virus. However even though they manage to keep the vial from the hands of Hydra the mission ends in tragedy as Wanda, when trying to save the Captain from an explosion, ends up losing control and redirecting it into a hotel and causing the inevitable death of many innocent lives. It’s this tragedy, along with the numerous other civilian lives cost during the previous Avenger missions, that causes the start of the rift between the Avenger’s as the UN calls for them to be nationalised, to have some form of control over them and while Tony Stark is all for this movement, the Captain is not.

This proposal from the UN starts an internal war between “Team Captain” who is against being nationalised (consisting of the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Falcon) and “Team Iron Man” who feel it is necessary (consisting of War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and Vision).

Team Captain vs Team Iron Man
Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America. Credit:

Quite literally, the Avenger’s are torn down the middle, however it only gets more serious when Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) is brought back into focus after he bombs the UN meeting and Captain America and his team goes after Bucky to save and help him, while Iron Man and his team go after him to bring him into custody.

It is quickly decided by both parties than to catch the other they need to recruit some extra help and Ant-Man joins the ranks of Captain America’s team, while Iron Man recruits Spiderman to his own. This was a really great way to introduce these two characters (who we have met in previous films) into the Avengers, and generally Marvel did a absolutely fantastic job balancing between all of the many “headliner” characters, and the story, and not making it feel at all rushed or that it was focusing on side more than the other.

In general it is a well paced film, with only the odd place nearer the start feeling a bit slow paced, but there is plenty of action, laughs and lots of fan favourites to keep you entertained and amused – whichever “team” you are rooting for. Check out the trailer below, but definitely make sure you give this film a watch.

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