The best movie trailers from Comic Con 2016

Each year the San Diego Comic Con treats all of us to a bunch of trailers and sneak previews of what us Sci Fi nerds have to come, and each year us at Sci Fi Drama Queen can’t wait to see them. So we’ve compiled a list of the best movie trailers revealed at Comic Con this year. Let us know what you think! So in no particular order…

Justice League

The trailer for the Justic League actually has raised my hopes for this film to cautiously optimistic, from the wariness that I had about it after the fiasco of the Batman vs Superman movie. The “special footage” Warner Bro’s has released (not yet titled as a ‘trailer’) actually makes the film look pretty promising.

Wonder Woman

We caught a glimpse of her in the Batman vs Superman movie, and this trailer gives us a proper and much wanted look at the film where she is the headliner. At last, a woman led superhero movie, and even better it actually looks like it could be really good. It looks lighter than a lot of the DC Movies, but it still seems to have some of the grit we recognise, either way, as usual Wonder Woman looks fantastic.

Suicide Squad

Though this movie has already had a trailer and is out in a few weeks we were treated to this new teaser too. Definitely different from the usual, this looks like a huge treat for those who are fans of the villains.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Though this trailer gives the most away than anything else we’ve seen so far… The overal plot of the film is still very much a mystery. However, if anything, this just leaves us even more excited for this film, but we are very big Harry Potter fans.

Kong: Skull Island

As seems to be the fashion at the moment, King Kong is getting a remake.¬†Though King Kong isn’t one of my favourites this certainly looks worth the watch and we’ll keep an eye on this.

Doctor Strange

Last and certainly not least is this amazing trailer for Doctor Strange. This film looks fantastic, and the trailer is one of the best released at this Comic Con I feel and has definitely left me excited to see this movie.


As you can see, we have quite a treat ahead of us. Out of them all, which ones appeal to you the most? Is there a film that you just can’t wait to see after the new trailer or has your excitement level already been max?

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