BBC Three becomes digital only channel today


Today marks BBC Three day, the day that BBC Three becomes the first channel in the world to move from a broadcast channel to an online only platform.

The new-look channel will offer TV shows to stream and download through new home The Best Of (live from 12:00hrs today) and BBC Three on iPlayer and start publishing a range of daily content through its new, mobile first platform, The Daily Drop

BBC Three has created some great shows, including “Gavin & Stacey”, “Being Human”, both of which went on the have US versions created of them.

WithBBC Three’s target audience being aged 16-34, and this age group watching half of content online (a figure that is only going to grow) this move by the BBC makes sense.

Cuckoo S3 - Dale (TAYLOR LAUTNER), Ken (GREG DAVIES) - (C) Roughcut Television
Cuckoo S3 – Dale (TAYLOR LAUTNER), Ken (GREG DAVIES) – (C) Roughcut Television

Despite the online move, BBC Three will continue to make brand new original British comedies like “People Just Do Nothing”, “Cuckoo” and “Murder In Successville”, new contemporary British drama like “Thirteen”, “Clique” and “Doctor Who” spin-off “Class”, thought provoking British documentaries like “Life And Death Row” and “Suicide And Me” and distinctive current affairs programming like “Black Power” and “Is This Rape? Sex on Trial”. All of these are aimed at the 16-34 year old audience.

Check out a trailer for the shows that are coming to the channel:

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