The fans get what fans want and they won’t be disappointed with Marvel’s latest super hero outing with Deadpool.

Deadpool is very different from the other Marvel films we’ve seen. First off, he’s from the X-Men franchise. We first saw Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009. There has pretty much been plans since then, possibly before according to Reynolds, to get this film made. Then a few years ago, footage was ‘leaked’ of a test shot for the film and the fans went crazy. Shortly after the film was put in to production.

Deadpool Valentine's Day

Now, as another Marvel character that people might not be familiar with, Disney has stepped up the marketing campaign to get film fans excited about the release. Comical teaser poster, a Valentine’s Day trailer, have all got everyone gagging to see the film. And the opening weekend box office results of $300m worldwide have proved that the campaign has clearly worked.

As a character that originally appeared in an X-Men film but now thrown into the mix of Marvel Studios stepping up with the Avengers franchise, Deadpool has essentially been given a fresh start, with an origin story which doesn’t start with where we saw him start in Wolverine. But that said, that doesn’t mean it isn’t referenced in the film, and it is referenced in possibly the best way ever.


Deadpool doesn’t take itself seriously, it knows it is a comic book movie, tangled up in the messed up world of Marvel films that are split across Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox (not to mention Sony with Spider-Man). There are many open references to Deadpool’s origins and the audience is in on the joke.

As Wade Wilson/Deadpool talks direct to the audience, the audience feels like it is laughing with Marvel. There’s a fourth wall inside a fourth wall for christ’s sake! There’s references to Hugh Jackman’s Australian accent, Hugh Jackman a celebrity magazine cover star, not to mention the X Men that appear in the film, at Xavier’s school (with a serious lack of other X Men). There is also a dig at his earlier super hero flop Green Lantern. There are so many references in this film, we don’t want to spoil them for you, but you’ll want to watch it again to see if there are others you have missed (we know we’ve missed a few).


But the script aside, this film was made for Ryan Reynolds. If you look back to his early career, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, Buying the Cow and Van Wilder: Party Liaison, you’ll see that Ryan Reynolds is a brilliant comedy actor. Of you look at the latter film, you’ll see it’s not the first time he’s talked to the audience in a film.

Overall, Deadpool is the perfect mix of action, comedy and romance. It’s a new twist on the Marvel movie, and so great that the audience is taken along for the ride. Roll on the sequel!

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