Star Wars Battlefront – Xbox One Review


If you’re a Star Wars fan you’re in for a undeniable treat, with lots of Star Wars content and missions to enjoy from being the pilot of your very own X-Wing to leading a frontal assault on Endor as a Storm Trooper. This is the aspect that made Star Wars Battlefront most enjoyable for me, however the gamer side of me couldn’t help but find the flaws in the game once the novelty of being a Storm Trooper wore off.

One thing Star Wars does do great though is the fan service. In the game it is possible to pick up special ‘power ups’ that give you various temporary perks, however the most hotly sought ones are undoubtedly the ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ power ups which allow you to play as one of the old fan favourites for a time period and rack up those multiplayer kills. On the Rebel’s side you can pick from Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa or Han Solo (below) and on the Alliance side you can chose from Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett. You don’t have to be a die hard fan to get a thrill as you’re running around as Darth Vader and swinging your light saber to strike down some enemy Rebel soldiers. However, you’re not just limited to the ground, in Battlefront you can also experience being the Millennium Falcon or the Slaver ship while battling it out in the skies in a galactic game of cat and mouse.


However, as mentioned above the game does sadly have it’s downfalls. While it is undeniably full of Star Wars content, you soon discover that Battlefront is lacking in actual game content. In a somewhat rare and bold move EA and Dice decided to launch Star Wars Battlefront without a single player storyline and instead keep the game limited to online multiplayer and small, side-mission type gameplay. While these two modes are fun, the game does definitely suffer from this lack of content and you do find yourself wishing you could have some form of story to progress through rather than just playing endless game after game online. They have released some free DLC to try and sweeten the deal with the lack of content but so far, once you’ve been playing for a few hours, it does tend to end up being a bit tedious.

On the upside, there is more to this game than simply Star Wars, the map designs are great and a lot of fun, the locations and graphics in general make for a beautiful game and the gameplay feels very fluid and easy to get the hang off. So while it is far from perfect, Star Wars Battlefront is definitely a game to pick up if you’re a fan of the series.

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