Awards season – who’s got your vote?

So the award season is finally upon us. The nominations are out for the Oscars, BAFTAs and BRITs, just to name a few.

There have been a few snubsBlack Mass and Johnny Depp is one that springs to mind. There are also a few givens in there, Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl is one and Adele for best…everything is another. There are also some unexpected nominations, Amy Winehouse for female solo artist, five years after her death, but then again, the soundtrack to the film Amy did have new material from her so technically it counts.

leo dicaprio tom hardy revenant premiere

But the one I really have high hopes for is Leonardo DiCaprio. His fifth OSCAR nomination in the last 23 years, could this finally be his first win? Odds seem to be for Eddie Redmayne to win. A man playing such an intimate story of a man becoming a woman is OSCAR worthy, so Eddie is a tough man to be up against, but I really think Leo deserves and needs this win. The Revenant was a hardcore, violent film. Not just what we saw on screen, but the actors went through a lot to tell us that story. I really hope the best actor goes to Leo and the supporting actor goes to his co-star Tom Hardy.

Best actress could go to anyone. Jennifer Lawrence is doing pretty well again with another nomination, perhaps she needs to spend the rest of her career working with David O.Russell to keep up these annual nominations. Although I always find his films disappoint, but the acting is always incredible. My bet is with Brie Larson for Room. I’m yet to see the film, but I hear good things.

I can’t wait to see who wins, and considering we are so far through January already, we won’t have long to wait to find out. Who are you routing for?


Image sources: Guardian

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