And Then There Were None

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This post comes a little late as And Then There Were None was on over Christmas and it’s almost the middle of January, but, still, none the less, I think it deserves a review.

The BBC is always a safe pair of hands with a period drama, and recently, with successes like Luther, The Fall and Sherlock, it has proved that it can also produce some hard-hitting crime dramas.

and then there were none aidan turner

So when the Beeb decides to take on the most successful murder mystery novel by Agatha Christie, you know it is going to be something epic. Then they go and throw our favourite TV heartthrob, Aidan Turner (with short hair, but still hot so we’ll let him off), the star of Poldark and the brilliant BBC 3 hit Being Human.

But he isn’t the only great actor in this show. His fellow cast mates include Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Toby Stephens (Bond: Die Another Day, and Dame Maggie Smith’s son dontcha know?!), Burn Gorman (Torchwood), Miranda Richardson (Sleepy Hollow), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) and Douglas Booth (the Riot Club).

and then there were none

Now, as you would expect with a line-up like this, in a murder mystery show, you just don’t know who is big enough to play the last man or woman standing.

It’s anyone’s guess who is going to die next, and whilst you are constantly guessing who the murderer is, and thinking that you are the clever so and so that has worked it out, we promise you won’t see it coming with the major twist.

If you love this and are craving more, then take a trip to London to see Mousetrap, the Agatha Christie play, from the same collection of books, which is the longest running West End play. The secret to the play’s success is that no one reveal who the murder is, and wonderfully, the audiences enjoys the play so much and respects the longstanding secret (since 1952) that it is still a smash hit.

Aidan Turner towel

With the help of Aidan Turner (mostly walking around in a tiny towel and breaking the internet, with a phrase now known as Poldarked), the BBC managed to pull in the viewers over Christmas. Who knows, Agatha Christie’s stories on the small screen might be reignited and this might be the start of something beautiful.

Now, does that give us an excuse to look at Aidan hard at work as Poldark, topless, again? Aidan, hurry up and grow that hair back, please.


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