Black Mass

black mass

Johnny Depp is one of the great actors that is a chameleon. Whatever role he plays he truly makes you believe he is that character and the beautiful Johnny is no where in sight. And that is no more true than his latest role as Whitey Bulger, the infamous violent criminal ever seen in South Boston.

With his grey balding hair, blue contact lenses and pasty white skin, this is far from the ageless pin-up. Depp has been known to take on roles that are a far cry from the handsome hero, but somehow he has somehow (apart from a few examples I’m sure) manage to still be someone his many fans wouldn’t mind meeting – Captain Jack Sparrow, a key example. I’m sure if that role was played by anyone else who wouldn’t have been the ladies favourite over Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner.


When you see the film you have to keep reminding you that this is based on a real person. The story itself seems too unbelievable to be true. His brother is a state senator and he works with the FBI to take down the Mafia who are creeping in on his turf. All the while he gets more powerful, more violent, all right under the nose of the FBI.

Depp is also fortunate to have a great cast supporting him in this film. WIth Benedict Cumberbatch playing his brother and Joel Edgerton as the FBI agent that seems to prefer being friends with Whitey to actually bringing down any criminals. Dakota Johnston also stars as his young wife who somehow seems to make Whitey appear to have more heart than her when it comes to their child. I wasn’t a fan of Dakota inĀ Fifty Shades of Grey and she didn’t wow me that much either in this role. But I’m sure the role where we truly see her star is to come.

If you aren’t a fan of violence, then this isn’t the film for you, but if you love a film based on a true story, that is going to continue to shock you, then this is a must see.

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