The Danish Girl

the danish girl

I’ve heard quite a few people on the tube or at the cinema say how The Danish Girl made them feel uncomfortable or queasy, which I found shocking. The Danish Girl beautifully tells the story of Lili Elbe who was born a man, Einar Wegner, and was the first transgender person.

This story might be almost 100 years old, but it is so topical right now, and in fact we haven’t moved that far on. It is still a taboo, often laughed at if someone has a sex change. Many can’t accept it, yet in today’s world, there are even people who don’t associate with either gender. We are living in a world where we are not simply boys or girls, there is a new gender in between, and I think it is amazing that people can be whatever they want to be and not feel trapped in the body they were born with.

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But, back to the film. Eddie Redmayne gives another incredible performance. You really see his transition in to Lili, even before she undergoes any operation.

For anyone that doesn’t understand how and why someone would want to change their gender, then it is worth watching this film to understand.


Many may, however, feel that the film portrays a happily married man, who after he has to don some tights and pose with a dress for his wife’s painting, ‘suddenly’ realises that he would like to be a woman. But this is perhaps the only fail of the film. It is covered in the film that he has always had these feelings, even getting in trouble as a child for dressing in his mother’s apron. But this perhaps wasn’t made clear enough. For once, I think this is where a flashback could have really helped.

Eddie has a BAFTA nomination, and I’m sure an Oscar nomination isn’t far behind. But, the award worthy acting in this film doesn’t all go to its lead. Alicia Vikander, who plays Gerda, Einar’s wife, is wonderful. She shows how a wife’s love can be so strong, that even if it means loosing her husband, she will do whatever it is to make him feel happy, even if that means not being her husband anymore.

The Danish Girl is in cinemas now.


Image sources: Telegraph, YouTube, Vogue

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