UE Boom 2 speaker launch party

I was invited to the launch event for the UE Boom 2 speaker at Graffiti in Soho. I’d never heard of the speakers before, so decided to go along and find out more.

As I walked in to the venue, there was a coconut shy, but instead of coconuts it was the speakers. Below them was a tank of water and water balloons to throw at them. I asked the guys at the PR agency if they were mad, what a fun idea but surely a waste of these speakers? When they told me the speakers were waterproof and can be used in and around water. WHAAAT?! That is crazy. All the times I wish I could have a speaker out by the pool on holiday and now here is one. Whats more, they come in a variety of different colours.

Then they told me that I could win one if I could knock one down. I had five attempts to knock down a speaker. I decided to go for the nearest one first, for risk of going home with no speaker. Smashed it! Then I went for the colour I wanted, Tropical (purple and orange) right at the back. Smashed it again. Wow, do I get both? Nope, ok, I’ll jut play on for fun. Smash, smash and final go SMAAAAASH. Five our of five. Who new I was a master of the coconut shy?! I saw others miss every go (sorreeeyyy).

UE Boom 2 twitter wall

There was a graffiti artist to tag the speakers, I decided o go with mine more traditional and keep it as it came. And even cooler, there was a gadget writing on the wall. When I inspected further, it was writing people’s tweets that used the hastag #UEBoom2. So of course I had to tweet. Then I tweeted a picture of it writing my tweet, and then it wrote that…you get the idea – I could have done this all night.

UE Boom cocktails

After that thirty work, I headed to the bar, where I was treated to a cocktail menu all inspired by the colours of the speakers. Now I can’t remember the name of mine, but I know if had absinthe in it and came in this cool glass with a light in it. It was tasty too, but after two on a school night I thought I’d better put a stop to these. I remember the crazy scene in Moulin Rouge after they were all drinking absinthe – Kylie Minogue was a green fairy?!!

UE Boom 2 hand

So after having fun at the launch party, I headed home, my UE Boom 2 held high and a smile on my face. And when I played my tunes through my speaker it was music to my ears… review to come.

The UE Boom 2 is available now and priced at £169. Although you might find some Christmas bargains in the current Black Friday/ Cyber Monday (every day of the week in the lead up to Christmas) deals.

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