Sense8 is just what you would expect from the Wachowskis. Those that love their style, or just loved The Matrix then I promise you will enjoy this show.

It is a tad slow to start off with, but much like Game of Thrones, with such a big cast, it takes a little time to get to know everyone.

Sense8 trailer

Sense8 follows a group of people across the world who are linked mentally. They can see and interact with each other as if they were in the same room, but as it is in their heads it means they can also help each other, which, comes in handy when they are all being hunted.

The characters, aside from the fact that they can see people that aren’t there, have personal issues they are dealing with, from taking the fall for your brother and going to jail, sexuality, family loss, love crime…the list goes on.

Sense 8

Overall, this show was really slow, so it took me a while to want to sit down and watch Sense8 over another show. But I appreciate that it was building to something, and but the last few episodes it really had, now I can’t wait for season 2.

Sense8 season 1 is available to stream in 4K on Netflix now.

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