Doctor Who guide book: Whoniverse


Ever got confused by the some 400 planets, galaxies and star systems in the Doctor Who series and wish you had a guide to explain everything to you? Well Lance Parkin has created the perfect guidebook for you, or perhaps the perfect Christmas present for the ultimate Doctor Who fan?

WHONIVERSE: An Unofficial Planet-by-Planet Guide to the Worlds of the Doctor from Galifrey to Skaro (wow, that was a mouthful) will answer all the questions you may have, who has eight legs? Where did the Sontarans originate? where does the mysterious blue crystal get its powers from? The answers are all in this beautiful visual book.

It doesn’t just explore what has appeared in the TV series, but the short stories, comics and radio shows as well. Each entry in the book provides information on the planets history, native species and the role in the Doctor’s adventures.

This book will make a great addition to any bookshelf, in particular those already packed with Lance Parkin’s other Doctor Who related books including; Snare, The Doctor Who Chronology, A History of the Universe, The Dying Days, The Infinity Doctor and The Gallifrey Chronicles.

Whoniverse, by Lance Parkin is out now, priced at £20

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