Bond’s cars most-loved 007 gadgets


To celebrate the launch of Spectre this week, Currys PC World has released some research into the nation’s most lusted-after Bond-inspired tech, with Bond, James Bond’s cars topped the list. But, it’s not the invisible Aston Martin that topped the list (my personal favourite, but then Brosnan was my favourite Bond too), its the submarine Lotus that is the fan favourite.

invisible aston martin

When asked what Bond-esque gadgets we will have in our homes on 20 years’ time, half of people believe it will be facial recognition doorways. But the gadgets we want to own right now? They are Smart TVs and Smart Security Systems – I already have the TV 🙂

Home Office Final low res

Currys PC World has also reported seeing an incredible 732% year-on-year growth in its smart home category, showing that we are a nation of people that just want to fill our homes with incredible technology.

James Bond: Spectre is in cinemas now. Now let’s just relive when we first meet the invisible Aston Martin again shall we?

Image sources: IB Times/ jalopnik / Currys PC World

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