The Walking Dead Season 6 #RunDontWalk


WOW. The Walking Dead certainly returned with a bang. No sooner did Fear the Walking Dead finish its first season on BT’s AMC channel, then The Walking Dead returned to our screens on Fox.

The first episode of season six is rather different to the rest of the show we’ve come to love, and literally watch from behind a cushion on the edge of our seats. It starts with Rick Grimes and his posse attempting to kill a MASSIVE herd of walkers, possibly the biggest and most incredible special effects of hundreds…actually probably thousands of walkers. Someone asked me before the screening what happened at the end of season five and I was left trying to recall (I actually only finished season five about two months ago – how could I forget?!). The first episode of the new season left me completely stumped, like I’d missed an episode. But through a series of black and white flashbacks, the story slowly builds to bring us up to speed. But don’t worry, if you’re still confused, episode 2 has a brief (blink and you’ll miss it) recap.


This was one of the most gripping episodes so far, probably since the first episode. I don’t know if it was watching it on a large screen, although I certainly felt more comfort than sitting on my own watching it. The first episode is one you really don’t want to watch on your own. Many a time I have wondered how they have managed to get out of a mess (how on earth did Rick manage to escape from an army tank surrounded by walkers?!), but an army of them? I left the screening really worrying for Rick and the gang.

Well three episodes in and they are still trying to escape, and one of our much loved, long standing character might not have made it through…I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it yet, but let’s just say I am in morning (although not quite to the level of McDreamy’s death in Grey’s Anatomy).

I was invited by Entertainment One and Playstation to watch the first episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead in a private cinema screening an hour and a half before it aired on UK TV screens to celebrate the launch of the show on Playstation’s Season Pass. Each episode will appear after it has aired on Fox for weekly catch up via your Playstation.

We’re three episodes in already, but as the festive season is weeks away we’ll soon go on a winter hiatus after episode eight, before the final eight episodes will air in February 2016.



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