Rugby stars put 4K TVs to the test

Ben Foden Currys PC World
Ben Foden Currys PC World

So the Rugby World Cup is fully underway, and I’m pleased to say my team, Ireland, are doing rather well! I managed to see the boys in green this weekend smash Romania, and will be heading to Cardiff for the quarter finals, to hopefully see New Zealand, I’m hoping against France rather than my Irish boys.

If you weren’t luckily enough to get any tickets to any matches, and witness the action first hand, or you want to avoid the over-crowded pubs, and over-priced beers, then some rugby stars have tips on the best way to watch at home. Rugby stars Luther Burrell and Ben Foden and head coach at Bath rugby and former England defence coach, Mike Ford, have teamed up with Currys PC World to create the most immersive sporting viewing experiences.

Luther Burrell Currys PC World
Luther Burrell Currys PC World

The trio, who were brought on board to review a selection of some of the best 4K Ultra HD TVs from Currys PC World’s extensive television range, did so from the perspective of a player and coach, ensuring that those watching at home can catch all of the important plays, passes and goals.

The TVs were assessed on aspects including picture and sound quality, clarity, special features, ease of use, value for money, and overall design. 4K technology gives viewers up to four times the detail of 1080p Full HD. This means when watching Ultra 4K HD (UHD) content, what they watch is more realistic, more life-like, and lets them feel four times closer to the action, as though they’re witnessing it first-hand, providing viewers with a truly immersive ‘at home’ viewing experience. Of course, for those too impatient to wait for specific 4K-enabled sporting content, Burrell, Foden and Ford also tested the products on regular HD content – so you know you’ve got the star player no matter what you watch.

Mike Ford Currys PC World
Mike Ford Currys PC World

When asked if watching the games on a television could compare to the live atmosphere in the stadium, Luther commented that 4K TVs can actually deliver a more intimate viewing experience. He added that “you’re almost going to see more on these TVs than you would being sat in a stadium around 80,000 rowdy fans distracting you. You’ve got absolutely brilliant picture quality, the clarity is amazing, very vibrant, and you’re not going to miss a trick. You’re going to be up close and personal, as the players are. It’s a fantastic experience.”

So what TV did they vote top? Sadly my LG TV didn’t make the cut, although I am rather fond of it. But the winning TV is the Samsung JS9000 – £2,699. It was voted best for creating the most immersive at-home experience was the Samsung JS9000, which with its large curved screen and impressive speaker system is sure to “dominate a noisy room full of supporters” as noted by Ben. Luther added that “it’s perfect for [his] home”


·     Great resolution – very good depth, it is clear. Feels like you’re in the room;

·     Very clear sound, music quality is incredible;

·     Bit slower to stream Netflix via Wi-Fi connection – but easy;

·     Bit more expensive, but you get your money’s worth; and

·     Looks amazing, slick and impressive – perfect for my home.


·     Big clear curved screen makes viewing from all angles possible;

·     Picture remains excellent during all features;

·     Would make a very cool focus point in anyone’s TV room;

·     Perfect sound quality and will dominate a big noisy room; and

·     Very good for streaming but a little more complicated as two controls.


·     High quality and crystal clear sound, which adds to the experience when you can hear the crowd, but most importantly the referee can see it;

·     Sensational. Feels like you are there! Unbelievable clarity, a great viewing experience. Again important that you can see the detail when players are in a maul or scrum;

·     55”. Ideal for large family viewing;

·     Amazing what the TV has to offer from Netflix to YouTube;

·     Was able to use the Smart TV very easily. The kids of today will have no problem;

·     To be able to rewind, pause, fast forward etc. is a vital tool for a coach; and

·     Looks good and silky, very modern and state of the art.

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