Game of Thrones season 5 finale – winter came :-(

If you haven’t seen the latest Game of Thrones then look away now because this contain *spoilers*.

Jon Snow Dead

Is Jon Snow dead?! Is all I could ask at the end of the episode. As he walked to go and speak to the Wildling that had some news on his cousin I knew he was walking in to a trap, and I didn’t want to see what happened next.

I heard that the latest episode was going to be as bad as the Red Wedding episode. Whilst it was bad, it wasn’t as shocking, perhaps because we had already been shocked so much that we had prepared ourselves for the next instalment of drama.

Rather than watching at home, alone, drowning in my sorrows and calling my sister to tell me what happens next whilst I try and console myself, I went along to HBO’s live streaming of the show in London to celebrate the launch of series five available on digital HD. I took along the two lovelies of Lauren and Natasha (see pictures below), two fellow fans (although note I was the only one wearing a Stark t-shirt).


The venue was an interesting choice, Rileys Sports Bar on Haymarket. We were crammed into the back room, there were traditional English canapes, sausage and mash, quiche, sausage rolls, etc. and some lovely Thrones inspired cocktails (see above menu). Notice the typo on Jon Snow’s name?


I went for the Knights Watch cocktail, delicious. Lauren and Natasha went for the classic Mojito, aka King Slayer.

Natasha and her King Slayer cocktail
Natasha and her King Slayer cocktail

After we’d grabbed some food and our cocktails, we caught up with the end of episode nine to remind us where we were at. Then, it was only moments before we could enjoy the final episode. As we were a bit crowded in it was hard to see the big screen, but luckily there were plenty of screens around to ensure we didn’t miss the action.

Lauren enjoys her Kings Slayer cocktail which appears to be glowing from the spotlight
Lauren enjoys her Kings Slayer cocktail which appears to be glowing from the spotlight

The episode got off to a slow start, but then Arya Stark kicked some butt, Sansa Stark almost died, then literally left us on a cliffhanger. I honestly thought Cersei was going to die, she is evil, so I didn’t much care for her, until she had her hair cut off, was made to walk naked past the crowds as people threw things at her and her feet bleed, then I suddenly started crying. There is no need for someone to go through that.


But then we got to Jon Snow’s scene. I felt that it left me hopeful that he was still alive, but my friends convinced me that he was totally dead. Then my sister quoted the last book to me, which ends right where season five left us “He didn’t feel the fourth knife. Only the cold…”. She gave me hope that he will return. But then I read an interview with the director that said Jon Snow is dead and Kit Harrington’s time on the show is over. Bang goes that theory. I really hope that he is just throwing us from the truth of the story. But George RR Martin. You’d better hurry up and finish that next book, because I hope you have a different ending for Jon Snow!

Girls at HBO Game of Thrones screening

Crying aside, we had a fab time, so thanks HBO for the invitation! Whether I’ll be back for season six though, with no Jon Snow, that is debatable.

Image sources: HBO/Macall B. Polay


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