Entourage was made to jump to the big screen – film review


Last night I went to the Cineworld Unlimited screening of Entourage, the film based on the HBO TV series. Much like Sex and the City, there was still fan love for the show after it ended after eight seasons, so four years after the show finished, Vince and the boys (along with Ari Gold and many, many celebrity cameos) are back.

For those that haven’t seen the series and don’t want to commit to a full eight seasons before the film, fear not. A cameo by Piers Morgan, where he interviews the boys, helps fill in the gaps of the show before.


But a quick background for you: Entourage is enspired by Mark Walberg and his close friends. It follows Hollywood star Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier (Devil Wears Prada) and his, yep you guessed it, entourage.


There’s Johnny Chase aka Drama, his half brother who first made the move to LA and acting and has never been as successful as his little brother, aptly played by Kevin Dillon, brother to Matt Dillon.


Then there is Eric, aka E, played by Kevin Connolly (He’s Just Not That Into You) Vince’s best friend and manager and Turtle, played by Jerry Ferrara (Last Vegas) who is Vince’s driver.

Ari Gold

Finally, and saving the best till last, there is Ari Gold. Ari, played by Jeremy Piven (Mr Selfridge), is Vince’s agent. He is, in my opinion, the best TV character ever, and now after this film, possibly the best film character.

The boys (excluding Ari), do everything together, they live together, party together and go to every meeting, party, and so on together. Much to Ari’s annoyance, they do what they want to do, which isn’t always the best for Vince’s career. But this is what makes Ari so great. He is the most neorotic male character I have ever seen. Just watching him makes me feel like I might have a heart attack. He always has two mobile phones on him, often one in each hand, I don’t think he ever actually puts them down or in his pocket. He loves his wife, but all he seems to do is act like she is a buzzkill to his work. But he knows what he is talking about. He spotted Vince in a cheesy Mentos ad and new that the kid was going to be a star. Then he made him Hollywood’s hottest male lead.


Ok, so that is the overview of the show, in rather more detail than perhaps you needed. Now on to the film. The film is set four year later, Ari has supposedly retired…although only for five minutes before he becomes the studio head and is managing Vince’s new project which he is directing and starring in. Turtle has more money than any of the others, after creating a successful tequila brand, E is producing Vince’s movie and Drama is still trying to make it, but hoping a role in his brother’s movie will finally be his making. But as always, nothing ever goes smoothly, and there is something standing in their way of this film actually getting released. Cue Hayley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense), as Travis McCredle, the son of the film’s investor. Osment hasn’t been around much since his hit movies Sixth Sense and Pay it Forward as a child star. But boy is he back in this film. He plays the brilliantly, southern, stupid (and a tad chubby) brat of a son who sees his dad’s money as his and therefore wants to dictate what happens to the film.

The film, like the show, is riddled with cameos, and I don’t want to give them away and spoil the film for you, but I’m sure when I watch it again I will spot some that I may have missed.

The film is funny, entertaining, and exciting and I would recommend it to anyone. Whether you are a fan of the show or not, I promise this is a film you will enjoy.

The Entourage premiere takes place tonight in London and the film is in cinemas across the UK from 19 June.

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