McDreams over :-(

McDreamy farewell

Ok, Shonda Rhimes, I get you. I love a good dramatic episode in Grey’s, but this. THIS is something else. If you haven’t seen the latest Grey’s Anatomy then turn away now.

You can give me a cliffhanger of will George or Izzy die. You can give me a hospital shooting, with Meredith having a miscarriage, in surgery while she panics that Derek might be dead. You can give me Meredith nearly drowning. You can give me her dumping him when Christina is dumped at her wedding. I can just about handle (after a long period of mourning) Lexie and McSteamy dying after confessing their love for each other. But you cannot take Derek, the MerDer relationship away from me. You may say it is not real, but for those of us that watch these shows, especially one that we have been watching for over a decade, they feel like a big part of our lives.

Meredith was destined to lead a dark and twisty life, but Derek did everything he could to bring her to the light side. My friends and I have started a Whatsapp McDreams therapy group (and us Brits aren’t much into our therapy), but this shocking season has made us turn to desperate measures.

So I have decided to show our frustrations via gifs of Meredith Grey.

First there was Patrick Dempsey’s suspension from the show, where has Derek gone and why hasn’t he appeared in the last few episodes?

Meredith Grey McDreams over

Then he returned and they saved their marriage (oh man why can’t I find someone that looks at me like that?)

Meredith blushing

Then, the car crash happens, he is ok, rescues people and then his car gets hit by a car

Meredith crying

Then he talks us through what the doctors are doing wrong and how they are missing how they can save his life

Meredith crying over Derek

But then suddenly, Meredith is in the hospital talking to him, he made it through the surgery!

Meredith tears of joy

But no, Shonda just gave us that tears to turn our tears of sadness to tears of joy for a split second, only to rip our hearts out again.

Meredith confused

Then the realisation that he is gone, forever. No coming back. McDreamy is gone, MerDer is over. Our lives are OVER!

Meredith crying in the lift

So if you feel this pain too, I shall leave you with this loving memory of McDreamy and those eyes.

McDreamy eyes

No more MerDer

MerDer over

Don’t stop looking at us like that McDreamy! ūüôĀ


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