Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first teaser trailer released


So this trailer was supposed to be live streamed on Monday, but after it was leaked online, it has officially been launched this weekend, probably also to piggyback on the Star Wars 7 trailer too.

Either way, I am just excited that within a matter of days we have had teaser trailers for two of the most exciting upcoming films. Not to mention we are days away from the Avengers: Age of Ulton release. Eek!!

So let’s take a look at the Batman v Superman first teaser trailer…


It really gives us a big insight into the route of the film, and how Batman and Superman become enemies. Following on from Man of Steel, where director Zack Snyder said that the film had to be darker for this day and age, if an alien showed up on earth today, with the powers that Superman has, we probably wouldn’t have welcomed him with open arms.

false god

So we see in this trailer that some people aren’t that positive to having Superman around, he is seen as too powerful, and people are scared of his power.


Which seems to link to Bruce Wayne looking at his suit deciding that he is the only one that can go after him, or perhaps is a little jealous of all the attention Superman is getting? Does this mean that Ben Affleck’s Batman is post Christian Bale and he is coming out of retirement? Would be far easier to do that then tell the origin story again. Also, it appears the rumours are true that he has more than one suit, the one above looks like it is modelled on Iron Man.

bow down

Despite Batman and the world seemly against Superman, from this shot, some seem to respect him and bow down to him?

supes in the sky

It seems we are going to have some epic fight scenes in this film, between the two of them. But will they come together to team up against Lex Luthor? We know he is in the film, as is Wonder Woman, but the two are yet to make an appearance. Perhaps they are being saved for the second teaser trailer.

Watch this space. In the meantime, check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet.

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