Fifty Shades of Grey – new clip

Fifty Shades of Grey DIY Store

I really hope we are going to get daily clips from next week’s Fifty Shades of Grey to keep us excited…although it may spoil the film. Who am I kidding, the more we get to see the better. To kick off today’s Fifty Shades post, I have two facts for you…

  • Jamie Dornan is one of the highest-paid male modesl in the world?
  • 80 per cent of ticket sales in the UK were for women?

Now I don’t know if that means all 80 per cent of tickets are for women, but if they are, are the 20 per cent of men going as boyfriends on Valentine’s Day, or are the single men hoping to be in arms reach of women as they leave the cinema watching the ‘raunchiest mainstream film of the decade’?

Today’s clip however, is anything but raunchy, as it focuses on the DIY store scene, where Christian and Ana meet for the second time. We finally hear Jamie Dornan say more words than any of the other clips and can finally check out his American accent. Now I’m not one to comment being a Brit, but any American readers got anything good/bad to say on his accent?


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