Scorsese, DiCaprio and De Niro star in a $70m casino ad

Scorsese, De Niro and DiCaprio ad

Chanel might recruit Baz Lurman to produce extravagant ads, but now a casino, Studio City in Macau has taken advertising to the next level. Hiring Martin Scorsese to direct and star alongside two of his muses, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio in a 60 second ad. Not only does this ad have an incredible cast, it also cost a reported $70m and the actors were reportedly paid more than $15m each. James Packer, the casino owner clearly has too much money on his hands!

In the ad both De Niro and DiCaprio are both reading a script for a role, when they realise they are going up against each other for the role and confront Scorsese. You also see a blink and you’ll miss it Brad Pitt in the ad too, but purely just his face on a billboard. Could he be next in line to be a Scorsese muse?

Check out the ad below.

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