Here’s what you’ve been waiting for… the Ant-Man trailer

ant-man trailer

They teased the teaser last week, counting down until Tuesday evening when the actual teaser trailer for the new Marvel film Ant-Man and now we can finally see it. It is rather like the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer – i.e. it looks exciting but I don’t really know what it is about. For those that don’t know much about this Marvel hero, like me then you won’t really have a clue other than what the name implies.

The trailer is dominated by Michael Douglas narrating through the trailer, there are lots of clips of Paul Rudd looking serious, a far step from his usual comedic performances…that is until we hear him speak in the trailer, on only two occasions and both are to deliver sarcastic comments. My favourite being “is it too late to change the name?”.

Check out the trailer below.  Ant-Man currently has the same release date for the US and UK of 17 July, usually Marvel films are released a week earlier in the UK…perhaps this is the new way forward.

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