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Horns Daniel Radcliffe

Last night I was lucky enough to head to the London premiere of Daniel Radcliffe’s new film Horns. I’ve been reading a lot about this film for the the last year (if not longer) that I’ve been exciting that its release date is almost upon us. So I was delighted to get to see it in advance of general release, thanks to ShowFilmFirst! We had an introduction from Mr Harry Potter himself as well as a few folks at Lionsgate.

Whilst I’d been reading a lot about this film, I hadn’t been reading into too much detail on the plot. All I knew was I wanted to see this film, I was sure it was something I would like, but it was not the top of my ‘must see’ list. It is based on the novel of the same name by Joe Hill – I haven’t read the book…yet.

I have to say this film exceeded my expectations. This is a really good film. Having now seen it I would highly recommend it. This fable follows Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) in the aftermath of his girlfriend’s death, for which he is the only suspect. After losing his faith in god for the death of the love of his life, he awakens one night to find horns growing from his head. The people that he encounters don’t seem bothered by his horns, but do seem to be confessing the most obscure (and never say out loud) things. Ig soon heads on a quest to find out what really happened to the love of his life Merrin.

The story is told to us through a series of flashbacks as Ig progresses in his search. There were lots of laugh out loud moments, along with hide behind your hand moments. Whilst the main ‘who dunnit’ I got pretty quickly, and another main plot hole, I did not see the last 15 minutes of the film coming.

Horns is a thoroughly entertaining film and is has great performances by Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple. If you want laughs, shocks, gore and action then you will enjoy this film.

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