Guardians of the Galaxy

4000050-guardians-of-the-galaxy-movie-poster-wallpaper-1920x1200I was lucky enough again to get to see a preview of the latest Marvel film thanks to the lovely people at Skype Moments. I wasn’t around for the Captain America: The Winter Solider screening (gutted as my collection of Skype Marvel memorabilia and T-shirts is now not complete) but I did manage to make it this time round to the Guardians of the Galaxy screening.

I’ve been really excited about this screening as it is the first outing from Marvel Studios for an area of the Marvel Universe that I’m not familiar with. Plus from the end credit teasers at the end of the Avengers movies I get that it is loosely linked as they are trying to keep the connection between the Marvel Universe close, whilst launching these other franchises from the page to screen. I have to say this film didn’t disappoint. Where I thought Avengers Assemble was funny, this made Avengers  look serious. It is full of humour, it is completely an action comedy but still has that Marvel comic feel as per the other films. I think it links in perfectly but equally stands alone so well.


Chris Pratt is just brilliant as Star Lord. And the opening scene (where we first see Chris, not young Star Lord) is brilliant. From that moment I knew I would be heading to iTunes to purchase Awesome Mix Volume 1.

I am Groot

But back to the film itself. I love all of the characters. Who would have thought that “I am Groot” would not get boring?! Bradley Cooper’s voice is barely recognisable as Rocket – although my theory in this is that Chris Pratt sounds very similar so I think they had to lower Bradley’s voice a bit – I’m sure I’m wrong and he is just talking that way as the character but hey-ho.


I also, (don’t judge me as this proves I’m not as much of a geek as everyone thinks) didn’t realise that Thanos (who appeared at the end of Avengers Assemble) would appear in Guardians of the Galaxy and that he was voiced by Josh Brolin. I guess this is the first comic-film that I haven’t read up on. I didn’t know much on the storyline, I’d only seen the trailer and I decided to keep my knowledge that way. And it paid off as I am more excited by this film then I have ever been of the others. Not necessarily in advance (although the 17 minute preview I saw did help) but coming out of the cinema I have never been so excited to want to go back in and watch it again.

I could go on, but I think I have given you the idea that this is a film worth watching. I will be going back to the cinema to watch it as we didn’t get the end credit teaser (they didn’t want it leaked) so I need to go and see that now.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in cinemas nationwide now.

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