Guardians of the Galaxy preview


I was lucky enough this evening to be invited to a preview of 17 minutes of the new Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I never knew much about these comic book characters and thought the original trailer was funny, but didn’t really tell me much about what the film was about.

Then I saw the teaser scene at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and got excited that this new film could possibly be connected to the Avengers franchise.

We mainly got to see a couple of scenes from the line up (that appears in the first trailer) onwards, as they are all stuck in a prison with an eclectic mix of inmates. This teaser gave us a taste of the characters. I’m wondering if Groot says more than “I am Groot”, as Vin Diesel must have got paid a heck of a lot to say three words!

I was lucky enough to see these scenes on the new IMAX screen at the Empire in Leicester Square. This is a film made for the IMAX. It was also in 3D, and I know I like to rant about my disappointment in the lack of amazing 3D shots in these Marvel movies (Captain America and Thor just don’t play on throwing the shield and hammer at the audience as much as I would like), there were a couple of shots that had me flinching in my seat, so I have hopes that the rest of the film will have more.

From what I saw, this film has great action, great performances and spot on comedy timing – alone with some great quotable moments. I really can’t wait to head to the cinema at the end of the month to see this.

We also got to see this new extended trailer which was released earlier today, you can see if below – tells you a lot more than the first trailer.

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