Nakd snacks review

nakd bars

I was recently sent a box of delicious Nakd snacks to try out for my mid afternoon treats from the lovely people at Natural Balanced Foods. Now normally when you want to buy some snacks you have to buy a box of on flavour, or perhaps one that comes with a variety of about three. What was great about the box that I was sent is that you can get a complete mix. I had such an amazing selection, really something for everyone – they went down a treat with my pod mates at work. From ginger bread and cocoa mint to pecan pie and rhubard & custard. These all feel like a naughty treat, but they are all gluten, wheat and diary free and made from raw fruit and nuts.

They are a little high on the calories, but don’t let that put you off, as the calories are coming from natural foods, so much better than tucking into a Mars bar! Not all of them were for me. I’d rather have a piece of fruit. But I really love the nutty and chocolate based ones.

Boxes start at £7.99. For more information head to


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