Remedy could be the new Grey’s Anatomy


Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a massive fan of Grey’s Anatomy, even when it does dip in the drama and entertainment slightly. Although last week’s episode that saw the return of Dr. Burke was pretty impressive. But now we know how Christina is leaving the show, the time has arrived and its sad.

After 10 years, Grey’s Anatomy can only go on for so much longer, so what will we have to replace it when it is gone? Well I think Remedy could be a good alternative. I reviewed the pilot when it first started, so do read that for more background on the show, but now it is 10 episodes in I think it has legs (until I hear news that it is cancelled). The family bond between the main characters feels genuine, as do all of the many family dramas.

The one thing I really liked about the show was how it was focusing on all areas of the hospital, not just the doctors and nurses. However, it seems to have shifted gear and honed in on the family specifically. Whilst that is great, I hope it picks back up on the other workers within the hospital, as there is so much potential for this to stand out from the typical hospital drama.


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