Top 5 Sci-Fi Box Sets You Should Own


Instead of streaming TV shows and movies using your broadband connection, why not own a box set of your favourite series? You get to watch episode after episode without interruption. Trust me, you’ll find it difficult to stop. For sci-fi enthusiasts, there are a lot of classic and modern shows to choose from. Here are 5 must-have box sets that any science fiction fan should own:

Star Trek

With the popularity of the Star Trek movies, you might want to revisit the original series by buying the complete box set. Whether you start with the first series or jump from The Next Generation to Enterprise to Voyager, you are sure to find yourself making the Vulcan hand sign in no time.

Star Wars

Not a trekkie? That’s not a problem. Grab the Star Wars Box set and follow Luke through the trials and tribulations of the war between the Jedi and the Sith. Starting with the original series you get Wookies, lightsabers, golden androids and Yoda. What could be better? After going through all 3 original movies, sink your teeth into their prequel that, even though it was produced 16 years later, still had enough of the Force to attract old and new audiences.

Doctor Who

After 50 years, the time-travelling timelord is still making waves on television. If you’re still out of the loop on why this madman in a box is such as hit, then getting the box set of the Doctor Who revival is a must. Take a ride in the TARDIS and get lost with this sci-fi show. Watch out for a lot of extras such as behind the scenes clips, special episodes and blooper reels. You’ll fall in love with the cast that’s bringing this 900+ year old timelord back to the small screen.

The X-Files

The truth is still out there. Revisit one of TV history’s most celebrated sci-fi shows by buying the complete X-Files box set. For horror sci-fi fans, following Mulder and Scully on television was the highlight of their week.  Are you a sceptic or a believer? Join one of the most famous TV duos in search of the truth about extra-terrestrials.

Aliens The Twilight Zone

If we’re talking horror sci-fi, then nothing beats the Twilight Zone. This classic TV series sparked the imagination of generations. Indulge in all 5 seasons of this incredible series. While it was revived in 2002, nothing beats the original. Own the box set today and get ready to be entertained and disturbed. While this show is not for the faint of heart, the whole family is sure to enjoy the ride.

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You can also discover new TV or web shows via the internet as well. Just be sure to have a fast connection if you want to catch the latest sci-fi series while they’re airing.

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