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How I Met Your Mother final episode

Well it finally ended. In an hour long episode (or episodes 23 and 24 back to back if you will) How I Met Your Mother finally ended its story of how Ted met the mother of his children. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen it yet as this contains spoilers.

We’ve known for a while now who the mother is, where they meet and how, so really the final scene was surely going to be that? No. The writers decided to take the story further and give us an ending, that if this show wasn’t about how Ted met the mother then people would have seriously thought it would go that way. Like Ross and Rachel in Friends, it seemed that Robin and Ted were meant to be together. But we knew she wasn’t the mother, so as much as the show tried to keep the love alive between them two it was the one thing that angered me as they were focusing on a love story that was never going to have a happy ending. Except I was wrong.

final How I Met Your Mother

We see Ted and the mother’s relationship post them meeting, they have two kids but take seven years to get married, Barney and Robin get divorced and then Barney has a baby after one of his usual encounters. Lily and Marshall have a third child and Marshall becomes a judge. We find out that the mother is called Tracy, but she is no longer alive. So once Ted concludes his story, the kids say he told them the story because he wants to ask out aunt Robin. So Ted, with the permission of his children, goes to see Robin, who lives in an apartment with lots of dogs. She opens the window and looks down on Ted with a blue French horn, and we are taken right back to the start.

How I Met Your Mother final episode season 9

It is nice that they had a happy ending, but it feels like the mother was nothing at all. She was supposed to be the love of his life that he had waited so long for, but really it was Robin. I am in two minds over this finale. Barney really going back to his single ways, bit dodgy for a man of his age in the future the show is set in, also because Barney and Robin were perfect for each other. Both didn’t want to be settled down and have kids, so why couldn’t they have been a perfectly happy couple with just the two of them? I get that not all marriages last, but does it have to be the ones that didn’t really want to settle down? If they thought that they would never last, why did they even write a story that they would get married in the first place?! I really am going to miss the show, and I like the fact that the ending was different to what I expected, but not sure it was the ending I wanted.

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