Remedy – the new Grey’s Anatomy?


So there’s a new medical drama in town. After E.R. went away Grey’s Anatomy was the only hospital related drama that was able to grab our attention. Three Rivers tried, it has the McDreamy equivalent with Alex O’Loughlin as Dr. Andy Yablonski, it also had lots of high tech gadgets, yet it couldn’t pull in a big enough audience. I tried to watch it but the episodes didn’t excite me. I really liked Emily Owens M.D., it had comedy and an interesting love triangle, it had the feel of high school but at work, but alas that was not to stay for long. Now there’s a new show in town, Remedy. It focuses on a medical-loving family. A dad that is chief of staff, a surgeon daughter, a nurse daughter, her doctor fiancee and the ex-druggie, medical school drop-out son who returns and takes a job as an orderly.

Remedy cast

The dynamic between the family is really interesting. It also focuses on staff beyond just the doctors. There is also a support staff drama with a girl who gets stabbed by a medial needle and has a long wait to find out if it has given her HIV.

Grey’s Anatomy is still by far my favourite, but I’m enjoying this show so far.

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