Girl Most Likely


I know, I’ve been a bit pants this past week with a lack of posts. But whilst trying to get over a rotten cold and enjoying the one day of spring sunshine I am back! So for my first post this week, here is my review of Kristen Wiig’s most recent leading lady comedy Girl Most Likely. This one is not the usual you expect from this comedy queen. It’s a little more on the dark side, think of a female Garden State, like Bridesmaids was the female version of The Hangover. 


In Girl Most Likely, Kristen plays a failed New York playwright, who after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she loses her flat, she has no choice but to stay with her mother. Befriending her awkward brother, avoiding her mum’s ‘spy’ boyfriend, discovering her father is alive and having a fling with her mum’s 20-something Backstreet Boys impersonator lodger (played by Darren Criss, Glee – see below picture), are just some of the things that she encounters along her journey.


This is a lovely film about a women who is trying to discover who she is, albeit a little late in life. I was kind of disappointed with the ending of the film, but I guess it would have been far too obvious for her to find herself, write that screenplay she had struggled to do previously and get her life back together, especially when the film covered only a short space of time. What it does show however, is what she has learnt about herself in that time, and what she needed to understand in order to accept she isn’t a failure and move on with her life.

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