There’s a new show in town and it is one with a difference. Like How I Met Your Mother which came to our screens focusing on a guy in the future telling his kids about how he met their mother through a series of flashbacks to the present day (with the odd double flashback to earlier times) this show has taken the sitcom to another level.


Set on one night in a bar, the show focuses on a group of strangers (and each of their friends) on a night out. All of these strangers are on a quest to find love.


In Mixology we see how they interact with each other and their paths cross in a kind of six degrees of separation. There are also flashbacks to help us get to know the characters’ backgrounds and personalities outside of the night.

There’s also a couple of faces in here that I recognise, Vanessa Lengies (Glee) and Adam Campbell (Date Movie and husband to Glee star Jayma Mays). But everyone else is relatively new to me. I always think that’s best with a couple of familiar faces to pull you in, but everyone else lets you focus on the characters.


I’m entertained so far with this show, it’s funny and an interesting concept. I just wonder how long a show set around one night can stretch. After all 24 stretches one day over 24 episodes, but that is at a real push. Although How I Met Your Mother has managed to stretch the story of two parents meeting over nine series.

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