Films about children being kidnapped often pull on the heart strings they can be hard to watch, especially when the child isn’t found alive. The Lovely Bones was a beautiful story told from the perspective of the deceased child but the film struggled to bring the book to life in a way that captured the audience. Prisoners goes down a different route and a very dark one.

Film Review Prisoners

Two young girls are taken as they head in-between each others homes. A young man is suspected and released by the police due to his state of mind, but one of the fathers (Hugh Jackman) is convinced that he knows where the children are and he decides to take matters into his own hands to try and find his daughter. It involves some torture and will leave you moving from each side of the fence as to if he is doing the right thing or not.

Jake Prisoners Loki Pinky Ring

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the detective on the case, who has solved every case that he has worked on, but this one he is struggling with.


I think this film tells the story really well and it keeps you guessing who took the kids, who held them and if they are still alive or not. There are some great performances by all of the cast, in particular Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano (who plays the suspect). It’s worth a watch if you can handle these sort of films.

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