Happy Endings, the ultimate TV friendships?


So there has been a bit of a debate going on about who has the better on-screen friendships in one of my posts Why How I Met Your Mother is better than Friends. One of the comments was made recently while I was watching the TV series Happy Endings which got cancelled last year and it got me thinking about on-screen friendships.

I’m on the fence as to which of the two shows has the better on-screen friendships, but watching Happy Endings actually made me think that the cast of that show have have amazing chemistry. Most of them are friends from school, so literally friends for life (I say most as Brad joined the group when they were in their 20s). Yes I know that Monica and Rachel were friends from high school but these guys actually remind me of me and my friends. It doesn’t matter if it is my school friends, uni friends or work friends, you have certain sayings and actions you do with your friends. Someone does or says something that you love and you do it to, then before you know it you are all doing it.

so-cuteThe example of this in Happy Endings is Penny has a certain way of saying phrases, like “So cute” or as she pronounces it “suh cyuht”. Her friends also say these phrases with her, but it is clear that it is Penny that brings this to the group.

I think it really feels that these guys have been friends for years, so yeah I’m going to say it, they have the best on-screen friendships.

Image sources: the-re-view.org / photobucket.com


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