Throwback Thursday: Chasing Liberty

Note contains spoilers


I often go back through my DVD and Blu-ray collection or catch up with classics on TV but I never really write reviews of them. So I’m going to try and start sharing them and what better day than #ThrowbackThursday? So it might not be every week, but we’ll see how we go.

Chasing Liberty is 10 years old. I picked it up on DVD when I was travelling around America. It hit cinemas about nine months before Katie Holmes’ First Daughter and I have to say it told the story of the struggle to lead a normal life when you father is the President of America better than Katie’s film.

Left: Chasing Liberty, Right: First Daughter

Both films pretty much follow exactly the same story. She has an undercover spy keeping an eye on her and they fall in love…and then she finds out. The only difference is in Chasing Liberty she goes travelling and in First Daughter she goes to college.


Mandy Moore stars as the President’s daughter. Previous to this film she had played the school bitch in Princess Diaries and also starred in tear-jerker A Walk to Remember but I think in this film she really shows her leading lady potential and move away from pop star to film star.

Matthew Goode Chasing Liberty

It was also the big break for Matthew Goode, who went on to star in Watchmen, Match Point and Leap Year. He plays the very dashing British love interest, and certainly captures the hearts of the audience as well as his leading lady.

Jeremy Piven Chasing Liberty

They are also followed around at a distance by Jeremy Piven (Mr. Selfridge, Entourage) and Annabella Sciorra (What Dreams May Come, Sopranos) who are sent to keep an eye on the President’s daughter and have their own romantic storyline on the sidelines.

This is a really fun rom com and worth checking out.

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