Game of Thrones: the making of the Red Wedding

Maisie Williams Red Wedding Cake

I was delighted when I received an invitation from HBO to attend an exclusive screening of the DVD extras from Season 3 on Game of Thrones. I have been dying to for the new season to start so thought it would be great to relieve some of season three…and apparently meet a cast member.

choccywoccydoodah red wedding cake

We arrived at the Soho Hotel screening room and there was an amazing chocolate Red Wedding cake created by Choccywoccydoodah.

red wedding cake

It had daggers, a shield and blood pouring down it. Apparently it took over 20 hours to make and lucky for us we all had a slice in our goody bags. The cake itself was rum and raisin – amazing. Choccywoccydoodah was also filming a documentary so you can expect to see the cake on TV later in the year.

Maisie Williams Game of Thrones Season 3

Then we headed into the screening room where none other than Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark greeted us and chatted to us about Game of Thrones, see her interview below.

And as Maisie references, if you haven’t seen her Vine or the collection of videos of fans filming their family and friends’ reactions then check them out below.

Maisie Williams’ Vine

The Best Red Wedding reactions

After Maisie’s entertaining interview, we then got to watch a making of documentary of the Red Wedding episode. Now this was an episode that I did not want to relive but it was really interesting to learn all of the detail that went into that one episode. For example, they needed over 500 gallons water over three days for rain (so don’t believe the rumours that it always rains in Ireland).

Red Wedding

We were also told that the lighting in the wedding scene was lighter than usual for Game of Thrones as they wanted the audience to realise it was a happy time…before they were about to rip everything away from us. Lots of candles were placed in the room, but as the bride and groom were taken to their bed chamber, the guests took the candles with them, bringing the light down to prepare for what was to come.

Apart from having to relive that shocking scene (I’m in mourning mode again) it’s a really interesting documentary. Thanks HBO for the invitation, and bring on season 4!

Game of Thrones goodies

Oh and we got a great goody bag with a t-shirt, coffee mats, a book and book mark (not to mention the cake) all of which are available to buy (the cake isn’t but I’m sure you could ask them to make you one for your wedding!).

Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season is out on DVD/Blu-ray on Monday 17 February.

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