Champagne truffle anyone?


Champagne truffles are my favourite chocolate ever. Especially when they are white chocolate truffles. Hearing this the lovely people at Drop Dead Chocolates sent me one of their taster boxes to give their chocs my seal of approval.

Valentine's Day Chocolates


They were lovely, I had two white champagne truffles and two heart shaped truffles – perfect for Valentine’s Day. They also sent me some little chocs, dark and milk which were also delicious. There are all sorts of flavours in the range, but I love the fact that you can buy small boxes to find your favourite flavours before you commit to a large box. When you select a large box you can decrease or increase (only to the amount the box will hold) the flavours you like. So no more of all of the coffee chocolates left and the end and no one to eat them!

Heart chocolates


So these little boxes start at around £2.50, but the Champagne box is £3.50. Head over to to make your selection.


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