Bruno Mars: from Elvis to the Super Bowl

Bruno Mars splits Super Bowl

Well Bruno Mars has come a long way since his days as the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator. Not many people realise that he has been a little star since he was four. Now he isn’t much taller, but he is certainly bigger.

Bruno Mars Elvis impersonator

Bruno used to gig in Hawaii as an Elvis impersonator and the best part of that wasn’t his singing, or his hip moves, but his lip. Here’s a video of an interview he did with Jonathan Ross back when he was four.

In the last three years the 28 year old 5″5 star has released two albums, selling 10 million copies and 58 million singles worldwide. Appealing to the download generation he has totalled over $115 million in download sales from the music he has released as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Bruno Mars Elvis

On Sunday night he hosted the Super Bowl Half Time Show, and whilst it was no where near as amazing as Beyonce’s performance last year (she had a giant flame version of herself and reunited Destiny’s Child) it was a great performance, with special guests the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Bruno Mars Super Bowl gif

Bruno started on the drums and kicked off with Locked Out of Heaven (s0me said this song should have been dedicated to the Broncos who at the time had zero points on the board). He then gave us Treasure, Runaway, a duet of Give it Away by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and then finished with Just the Way You Are. It’s a shame that The Lazy Song was skipped as this would have been another great one for the stadium.

If you missed the half time show check it out below.

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