Review: American Hustle

Christian Bale, Amy Adams

I wanted to see American Hustle, mainly for what all the hype was about with all the Oscar nominations. I really liked David O. Russell’s other work. The Fighter was brilliant, The Siler Linings Playbook was a great story, but I didn’t think the performances were worthy of Oscar nominations or indeed a win by Jennifer Lawrence.

I’m afraid to say that American Hustle isn’t as good as all the hype. I found it really hard to follow the storyline and if it wasn’t for the cast I probably would have walked out on this film.

Christian Bale American Hustle

America Hustle hairThis time round I think both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence deserve their nominations. They both give outstanding supporting performances. Bradley’s hair deserves an Oscar in its own right too.

But the real stars of this film are Christian Bale and Amy Adams. With every film Christian Bale gives a better performance than his last. Just from the opening scene where we see him working on his comb over, no words are spoken by you can’t take your eyes off him. And Amy Adams manages to keep up with his performance and not hide in his shadow. She does a wonderful impression of an American trying to do a bad English accent that people seem to think it real.

American Hustle fashion

What this film also does is show the fabulous fashion from the 70s (minus Bradley’s perm). Every outfit that Amy and Jennifer wore I wished was in the shops right now. Plus I’d love to attempt Jennifer’s up do hair.

So this film has its ups and downs. I still think it is worth checking out as I’m sure the film will be walking away with a handful of Oscars.

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