Supergirl nails

Sci-fi Drama Queen Supergirl

At the weekend I went to an 80s movie fancy dress party for my fab friend Brad’s 35th birthday. Being me, there was only one option for a costume – Supergirl. I did actually also think about going as She-Ra but being the Superman geek that I am I had to go in the classic blue and red.

But, I needed the perfect red nail polish. Not just any red nail polish, but a metallic red – worthy of a super hero. I used to have a mini O.P.I. bottle from a Disney Alice in Wonderland collection, but I headed to Sally’s in hunt of the perfect colour and found it in a bottle of China Glaze – Cranberry Splash. This polish is priced at £6.98.

Metallic red nails

This colour was perfect, and as well as the usual hair groping “is that your real hair?” “Can I touch your hair” I got in the ladies toilets (thankfully after hands were washed) I also got complements on my nails.

Supergirl nails

I’ll be wearing this colour more often then I’ll be donning my cape.


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