Girls Season 3 is here!

Girls season 3

Girls got me in the first five minutes. Rainbow Brite duvet cover!!! I want one. Although are any of these girls actually old enough to remember Rainbow Brite? If that bad boy came in a double I’d be ordering one for my bedroom. Anyway, back to the show. It starts a few months after the last season ended. Hannah and Adam are back together, Marnie is hanging out with her mum, Jessa is in rehab and Shoshanna just seems to be her usual self. Richard E. Grant also joins the cast as Jessa’s rehab friend.

Interestingly, to appeal to a younger audience, HBO launched the first two episodes of season three on YouTube for free. HBO usually doesn’t allow its shows to stream on the likes of Netflix as it wants to keep audiences within the HBO network. However to grow the audience of the new season the marketing team are tapping up social media platforms such as YouTube and Tumblr to grow the audience.

It has been too long since the show was last on. There just isn’t enough of it, 30 minute episodes and only 10 per season. Season three is going to be over before its even begun. 🙁

But let’s just enjoy it while it is here. Lena Dunham is such an incredible writer. What she writes is so real. It’s not glamorous for the screen, like Sex and the City – which I’m not knocking I still love the show, but this feels like you are a fly on the wall on real situations.

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