Disney’s Frozen


*Note, contains spoilers*

Disney has another smash hit on its hands with Frozen. Not only that but who knew Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) could sing?! With songs like Do You Want to Build A Snowman? this film is going to have Disney princess wannabes singing along. And not just that, but the amazing Tony award winner Idina Menzel (Wicked the musical, EnchantedGlee) sings in this – something they missed out on in Enchanted.

This Disney princess film is a little different to the rest, a bit like Brave. Brave focused on a girl being the hero and saving her family, no love interest. Whilst there is a love interest in Frozen, in fact there are two, there are also two princesses who are very much the centre of this story.

The first is Anna (Bell) who loves playing with her big sister Elsa (Menzel) who has magical powers of creating ice and snow. As Elsa’s powers grow, their parents decide to close the palace gates and remove Anna’s memory of Elsa’s powers. Scared of harming her sister, Elsa locks herself away. Following the death of their parents, Elsa has to open the gates for her coronation and put herself at risk of revealing her powers to the kingdom.

Elsa runs away to the forest, but not before turning the kingdom into eternal winter. Anna teams up with an ice seller named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff – Glee, Taking Woodstock) and a snowman named Olof (Josh Gad – Jobs, 21) to find her sister and put things right.

Frozen is a fun family film that I’m sure will become a classic. Now, it is known that not long after a new Disney princess film release the princess gets to join the Disney princess hall of fame. Clearly Anna will join as the lead in this film, but I hope that Elsa doesn’t get missed off the list.

Image source: disney.wikia.com


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