Bridget Jones interviews Colin Firth

Bridget Jones interviews Colin Firth

When I first saw Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason I was a little disappointed that the scene where Bridget Jones interviews Colin Firth wasn’t included in the film. I get that some audiences, in particular in America, would get confused to Bridget interviewing the guy that actually plays her Mark Darcy. But it’s a really funny part of the book.

Then randomly as I was browsing for information for my write up on the Bridget Jones movies, I stumbled across a YouTube video of that exact scene. Obviously an extra for the DVD that I clearly missed. This is set up for Bridget to interview Colin on the set of his new movie. Like the book, all she wants to talk about is the wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice.

mark-darcy-christmas-sweaterWhat is also great about this book are the subtle connections to Bridget Jones. Bridget also brings up the lake scene in Love Actually and talks about Richard Curtis. Colin responds with saying he thinks the film is very funny, apart from Hugh Grant (his love rival in the Bridget Jones films). She also asked him if it was true that the script for Pride and Prejudice mentioned that he should act like his character has an erection, but instead of saying Mr Darcy, she says Mark Darcy. He responds yes, but highlighted that it was just for a shot of his face, rather than a full body shot.

So does this mean that a scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary also had the same note? My guess would be when he first meets her and he’s wearing that Christmas jumper. Although the next time I watch both Bridget Jones’ Diary and Pride and Prejudice I will be paying close attention to Colin Firth’s face.

See the interview below.

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