The 7.39 – an epic tale of adultery

The 7.39

I was excited to watch The 7.39, I really enjoyed David Nicholls One Day and Starter for 10 so had high hopes for this new two-part drama. The 7.39 follows two London commuters who take the 7.39 train into London every day. After a brief meeting arguing over a seat, they become friends, start to hang out after work and develop feelings for each other. Carl (played by David Morrissey – The Walking Dead, Meadowland – or Cape Wrath as it was originally called) is happily married to Maggie (Olivia Coleman – Broadchurch, Peep Show), who is going through a mid-life crisis, fed up with work and his daily commute and requires some adventure in his life. Sally (Sheridan Smith – Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of CrispsGavin and Stacey) is a 30-something who is getting married for the second time to Ryan (Sean Maguire – Once Upon a Time, Eastenders), a kind man who wants to spend every waking minute with her and is desperate to have a pregnant bride.

The two embark on an affair with no intention for it to prolong but they just can’t keep away from each other. I won’t say any more, as it is worth watching to see where the story continues, it has an interesting ending. As lovely as the romance is between these two, it is still hard not to forget that they are both being unfaithful. They started off as friends who felt something more. Does that mean that if a man and woman become friends and spend lots of time together that its inevitable that they will have feelings for each other? No. When they acknowledged that they had feelings for each other should they have walked away, and got different trains to work? Yes. But, these are two people who were going living their life in a daze, the same thing, day in, day out. But they weren’t doing anything about it. Suddenly someone comes along that makes them open their eyes to the life they are living and question it. Clearly the message here is that you shouldn’t wait for someone to come along to do that for you and ensure that you are living every day the way you want to live it.

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