Death Comes to Pemberley


I’m a sucker for a period drama, especially when it is of the Jane Austen variety. I’m must admit I also like to see what happens in the ‘happy ever after’, although I did once watch Cinderella II: A Twist in Time and found myself a little disappointed. But I was not disappointed with the Pride and Prejudice sequel; Death Comes to Pemberley. Based on the book of the same name by P.D. James, the story follows Elizabeth, now married to Darcy with a child living in their happy little world, that is until there is a murder, just before their annual ball. And the suspect is none other than Wickham. With no other suspects in place, despite Wickham assuring Darcy he is innocent it looks like he will be sentenced to death for the murder, unless the real culprit can be found.

This three part BBC Drama had a great cast with Matthew Rhys (Brothers and Sisters, The Edge of Love) as Darcy, Matthew Goode (Match Point, Watchmen) as Wickham, Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) as Lydia Wickham and Anna Maxwell Martin (who is no stranger to Austen, playing the author’s sister in Becoming Jane) as Elizabeth.

Not only was the casting great, but the mini-series was great all round. The script writing, the costumes, the location. It really did feel like a continuation of the Colin Firth series (which I will be digging out again soon for my annual Jane Austen watching). Although I could have wanted this series to go on forever, three episodes was the perfect amount.

I hope this is the first of many spin offs/sequels – whatever you will call them to appear on our screens. I’m still eagerly awaiting news on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

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