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Review: The Who’s Who of Doctor Who

Who's Who of Doctor Who Hi

Now this is the ultimate book for Doctor Who fans. The show which is celebrating 50 years has had many a Doctor, side-kick and villains over half a decade and this book is the perfect guide to take you through the characters, their loyalties, betrayals and how they collide with the Doctor through time.

There are over 300 entries from companions and friends to aliens and villains in this book. You can learn more about many characters including the infamous Daleks, River Song and the Master to those that still haunt my dreams – the Weeping Angels. Supported with text from Blogtor Who and packed full of images this is a must-have coffee table book to have to hand for Doctor Who watching.

The Who’s Who of Doctor Who: A Whovian’s Guide to Friends, Foe, Villains, Monsters and Companions to the Good Doctor is out now, published by Race Point Publishing, RRP £18.99 paperback.

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